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Project Nim

Directed by James Marsh
BBC Films, Passion Pictures, Red Box Films, HBO, Roadside Attractions

Dickon Hinchliffe1. Seizing Nim
Dickon Hinchliffe2. The Experiment
Dickon Hinchliffe3. Meeting the Family
Dickon Hinchliffe4. Wild Animal
Dickon Hinchliffe5. Herb"s Coming
Dickon Hinchliffe6. Laura
Dickon Hinchliffe7. Utter Chaos
Dickon Hinchliffe8. Going To School
Dickon Hinchliffe9. Fairytale
Dickon Hinchliffe10. Laura Leaves
Dickon Hinchliffe11. Promising Signs
Dickon Hinchliffe12. Dungeon
Dickon Hinchliffe13. It\'s Over
Dickon Hinchliffe14. Going Back
Dickon Hinchliffe15. Holy Shit
Dickon Hinchliffe16. Walk With Bob
Dickon Hinchliffe17. The Cage
Dickon Hinchliffe18. Stone Smoke
Dickon Hinchliffe19. Alone
Dickon Hinchliffe20. Poodle
Dickon Hinchliffe21. Stephanie\'s Visit
Dickon Hinchliffe22. My Story Ends
Dickon Hinchliffe23. Play
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