Shadow Dancer

Directed by James Marsh
Starring Andrea Riseborough, Clive Owen, Domhnall Gleeson, Aidan Gillen
Produced by Chris Coen
BBC Films

Shadow Dancer
Dickon Hinchliffe 1. Prologue
Dickon Hinchliffe 2. Captured
Dickon Hinchliffe 3. Home
Dickon Hinchliffe 4. Underground
Dickon Hinchliffe 5. Birthday Party
Dickon Hinchliffe 6. Dilemma
Dickon Hinchliffe 7. The Real Tout
Dickon Hinchliffe 8. Mac Arrives
Dickon Hinchliffe 9. The Quay
Dickon Hinchliffe 10. Panic Button
Dickon Hinchliffe 11. Dawn Raid
Dickon Hinchliffe 12. To The Safehouse
Dickon Hinchliffe 13. We Need To Talk
Dickon Hinchliffe 14. Shadow Dancer
Dickon Hinchliffe 15. How Does It Feel
Dickon Hinchliffe 16. Return to the Quay
Dickon Hinchliffe 17. Collettes Choice